Anca Dobai. Ambition, desire and perseverance

Publicat pe Oct 11, 2017 in News

Anca Dobai. Ambition, desire and perseverance


Anca Dobai is one of the legitimate players at the Academic CF since the beginning. She proved her qualities but not only, she proved his ambition, desire and perseverance in this sport.

She played in all the games with her fellow boys in the children’s groups until this was not possible anymore; children were becoming juniors so she had to get to in a girls team.

She was in training with the girls in the country for selection at the national team U 15.

Today, Anca Dobai is legitimate at CSF-CFR Timisoara and we greatly enjoy her success and ascension. Sunday she played and we enjoyed the team and her. We believe in her potential to get at the top and we all want this. We will support her in everything we do and wait for other supporters alongside us.

We know very well that there is a need for constant and substantial support for a sportsman to get at the top. We are waiting for you in our TEAM!
Good luck ANCA DOBAI!


Mihai Bulc
Manager CF Academic