Anca Dobai, the new member of ACS Fortuna Becicherecu Mic

Publicat pe Feb 5, 2019 in News

Anca Dobai, the new member of ACS Fortuna Becicherecu Mic

Anca, the girl who plays football, you know her already. After much suffering and work, after surgery, Anca is now at Banat Sports High School in Timisoara and will be joining the ACS Fortuna Becicherecu Mic team.

CFR Timisoara, the club she played last year, was unable to support the women’s team, so she moved along with several colleagues at ACS Fortuna Becicherecu Mic.

“I started school in Oradea, at the Economic High School but I could not stay here and play in Timisoara, so I did the school transfer,” Anca tells us.

Monday, February 4 will begin training with colleagues from Timisoara and next Saturday, February 10 will have a training match on the field in Paleu with the team from Baia Mare.

LPS Banat and the new team that Anca plays also has financial costs without which her dream cannot become a reality. The cost of the meal and accommodation amounts to 150 Euro/month.
That amount is above our powers but we assure that anyone who supports this dream will be proud one day just like us.
Those who read this message and can help, please contact us: Jeremy Harfield, Bournemouth ( UK ), Tel: 0772 8837859.

Special regards,

Mihai Bulc
Manager CF Academic