Twenty and counting…

Publicat pe Oct 24, 2017 in News

Twenty and counting…

We are already more than 20! We are where we need to be and we think we will be even more and it will be even better. We enjoy each other together and begin to feel part of the team, find our place and do the work.

We have already divided into two teams, young and older kids. We also have the equipment we need now and we continue the job.
I really want a supporter, a partner or more to avoid what has happened before. We would like to have the support we need to have that feeling of security.

The kids are fantastic and must be supported! This sport so enjoyable for the children must be supported, encouraged and with them, the people who are there with them, with them participating in their education, their character and their health and other aspects of their life.

Do not hesitate to support them, support us, the future and not just any future, a healthy, educated, respected and pleasant future.

We are waiting for you,

Mihai Bulc
Manager CF Academic