Season finale 2017

Publicat pe May 29, 2017 in News

Season finale 2017

It’s the season finale for our groups and we enjoyed this year’s competitive competition. It was a good year with a good start and an excellent finish.

The kids have given and understood more than ever what a team means, what they have to do and what they do not have to do in the team, and no matter how much they play, they give the best for the team and they have each seen the results of their work which started a year ago.

We have completed this competition honorably but more than that, football schools or high schools have come to fear us. Some of them, to their shame, even sought different ways to take our children off the field because they feared us. By reaching this point, I want to tell my disappointment. I find that this competition and generally football at this level is ruined by coaches, fake coaches and parents of children playing.

The competition is very vicious and intoxicated by these clowns coaches and parents who have no interest but to reach the end of the game with an extra goal. People who seem to have absolutely not understood anything from this game nor what it means to educate and train a child for this game, for the future. Coaches and parents who shout at referees with a harsh rebuke and hate hard to describe, incite violence on the field and throw accusation of plotting, harassing and threatening, have hooligan manifestations and all this at the children’s level.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve considered some people being educated, even the coaches, until I have seen this behavior that is largely adopted by them because of the parents of the children who pay them and have no other purpose than to win a game, not being interested in the children’s education or progress in this game.

But we must go forward with the hope and confidence that these children playing football will be able to educate those who train them or even their parents who have such manifestations.
We will continue the work and education of our children that we respect and educate as we think it is good, hoping one day to get up where we think deserves, even though many games have won those who have screamed and threatened referees.

We wish them with all sincerity, good health to all children and success in what they do and wisdom to coaches and parents.

Mihai Bulc
CF Academic Manager