Sport, Football…

Publicat pe Jan 28, 2017 in News

Sport, Football…

We started training even though temperatures are below 0 degrees Celsius while the snow and especially ice covers the field. This combination is not always a pleasant one so I let it easily with this beginning. We always consider the school, which should go in parallel with sports or other passions and hobbies that a child has. It’s the end of the semester and we are concerned and we really care about our children and the way they finish school.

Just as our slogan says “We build characters, not just top players with team spirit!”, we care a lot about this aspect. We care about their family situation, their health and social status. There are the things we involve ourselves at this club, doing this of course with the consent of their parents and the necessary discretion.

So we began preparing for the second part of this competition we are involved and during the holiday week we have a week of intense daily preparation.
But before we make necessary and very important medical visit. We hope all will be well and children will all be fit for what follows. We want and time to let us do what we wanted.

We wish you all health and success!

Mihai Bulc
Manager CF Academic