Is it a new beginning or continuing on the same path?

Publicat pe Mar 21, 2017 in News

Is it a new beginning or continuing on the same path?

I was asking the kids the other day: “Should we continue from where we are or start from the beginning?”

Their answer was that we should continue from where we are which was a good answer because they are convinced, like me, that we had a good start in this championship, where we had good and great games, we had a good winter preparation and we are expecting a great second half of the season.

We had a first game which was very good, lead by the new captain Filip Darius. Our adversaries admitted that they didn’t deserve to win and so did the people assisting the game but sometimes you loose because football is a very unpredictable game.


We are absolutely confident and motivated. Thanks to everyone who helps us and encourages us.
Of course we want more and consistent support on a long term which we yet expect to come.

Until then, we’ll do the job as best as we can and we will go forward as long as we have the strength to do so.

Mihai Bulc
CF Academic manager