You’ll never walk alone…

Publicat pe Jan 20, 2013 in News

You’ll never walk alone…

You’ll never walk alone… one of the most extraordinary and maybe the most beautiful hymn of a football team. This is the anthem of Liverpool Football Club. Maybe the most wonderful story was the night at the Champions League 2005 final where Liverpool met AC Milan at Istanbul when the whole stadium exploded with the song of the red fans.
It’s an impressive song with a touching message for the players who know how to appreciate it and to understand it.

CF Academic wishes to send the children a similar message that they are not alone and never will be. We wish to be there for them to fulfill their dream of become a football player. We wish to support them in the life’s daily struggle and the burden or reaching high performance. CF Academic started as a different football project and wishes to go forward on the same path keeping the same principles. We want to give our children a qualified football training and also a top education to rise up to this beautiful sport. Our children must understand the importance of this education, of respect and Fair Play and also the importance of the our dedication without which we can’t reach our goals.
Until now everything was ok and the satisfaction of our results a a really great feeling!

We thank our English sponsors for their support, offering our children football equipment and financial support.
Of course we would be really happy if  we could find such people here in Romania who can understand the importance of such support.

Nevertheless we must go one and evolve to higher performance.
Join us and we promise you won’t regret it. We will be thankful and grateful for your generosity.

With respect and consideration,
Mihai Bulc
Manager CF Academic

P.S. we invite you to watch the most important moments of the amazing final of the 2005 Champions League