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The Visit from England

Publicat pe Dec 7, 2015 in News

The Visit from England

At the end of this week we were visited by a friend from England, a football lover, just like most Englishmen are.
Jeremy Harfield came to us specially to see the children. He wanted to hear their wishes and dreams and our plans for the future. He didn’t came empty handed of course specially since it’s holiday season. Jeremy brought bags filled with football boots and equipment donated by the kids that live in his area. And since it was a special occasion we organized a match with the children from Osorhei and we had a really great time.

We wish to inform everyone interested in this phenomena, interested in the kids dreams and passions, that there are still people willing to cross the ocean just to get involved in the lives of the little ones and not just to bring material goods but also to listen to them and convince other people from their country that Romania needs a lot of help in the football department like professionals and experts to rise the bar to higher standards.

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